Eternal Yesterday

About Eternal Yesterday

This Pile of Stuff Started it All

Eternal Yesterday got started because of the pile of stuff you see on the left.  This is what our founder received from his Grandparents’ passing.  What to do with this stuff started as a problem and became his reason for starting Eternal Yesterday: 

“All of my Grandparents always made me feel loved and important, from my early memories as a child and into adulthood.  Two have since past on, and I really miss them.  I was asked at the time if I wanted a few things to remember them by, which I said yes, absolutely! But after a few years of holding onto some old art supplies that were probably 30 years old, a gone with the wind collection and some quasi-working tools. What do I do with all this stuff? I put it in my basement, and I come across it.  Seeing these things always reminded me of them and make me feel good.  But that was really it.  They were great people, and they deserve more than a contemplative moment in the basement a few times a year.  I wanted to be able to bring their memory into my life on a more regular basis instead of sporadically. However, before I could fix this problem, I focused on trying to help my wife with an issue she was having a work. Due to a regulation change, she was no longer able to wear her wedding ring to work, due to the fact that it may puncture through the the latex gloves she was required to wear.  I ended up creating a very simple and smooth ring that was acceptable for her work, but also created the sentimentality that she was looking for.  Within a couple of days of completing that project, I ended up running into my grandparents’ pile of stuff again.  Maybe there was a way to keep some of these old memories alive the way I always wanted them to.  After mulling things over for a few days, I decided to try and deal with my loss of two wonderful people that I am so lucky to have known by making a ring to remember them.  Below is the first ring I ever made that was inspired by this idea.”

"The First Ring I Ever Made Was For My Father"

“As sad as I was about losing my grandparents, I knew my father was suffering even more.  Watching both of your parents pass within a couple of years was a lot for him, and I made this ring to commemorate them.

The light sections came from wood from an old vineyard box owned by my great grandfather.  The black sections were taken from a name plate that sat on my grandfather’s desk his whole working career.  I stained it slightly with wine made by my father and I.

This ring holds the labor of four generations of my family.  My father is not a big jewelry person and doesn’t wear it all the time, but I always notice when he decides to put it on for a day. When I saw him do that, I knew my idea had worked.  I knew that having an anchor to your memories and history could mean to others what it means me. I started this company in hopes that it will mean the same for you, too.

Please give us a call. I promise, if you trust us with your most important memories we will do everything we can to ensure they last forever.”