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You send us your memories, and we will preserve them in a ring so that your past is always with you.

Nobody forgets important moments, but...

The issue isn’t forgetting.  The problem is, allowing those moments to effect our daily life.  Your ring provides an anchor to your most important times, personalized for you!

Send Us Anything

Whether it is paper, wood, or anything else.  We will set it in a ring to preserve your memory forever.  Whether you are remembering a loved one, a pet, or an experience, we will give you a memory you can wear whenever you need it.

Just put on your ring anytime you need a little help from your past.

Click any image for our example gallery as well as the stories behind each one.

A personal touch that can't be matched

  • Free design call. No credit card to inquire, just call us.
  • We use your input to make sure we get your memory right!
  • Work with a single person through the whole process.
  • Not quite sure what you need, no problem we can talk you though it!
  • Confidentiality assurance.

How Does It Work?

Free 30 min Design Call

We send You a Ring Sizer

Return Sizer and include Your Item

Receive your Ring

Our Commitment To You:

We live in a world that is moving faster than ever before.  While progress is a wonderful thing it can come at the cost of time spent remembering where you came from and the beauty of what made you who you are.  The ring we send you is meant to be an anchor, a reminder, or an opportunity to look back, even for just a moment or two, at what has meant the most to us.  This keeps us whole, connected to the experiences and people that built us.  We all have to keep moving forward, we don’t have a choice!  Our goal is provide something tangible that can draw you back to those important memories so that you can keep racing toward your best future.