Memories You Can Hold

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Preserve Memories Forever

Quick Video Regarding the process.


Is it really forever?

Yes all of the memories we create start life as a stainless steel bar and are created by hand in house just for you. It is one of the most durable ways of preserving something we can devise

What Can You Send






No matter what material you use to memorialize your memory, we discuss it in our free consultation so you get exactly the perfect look.  Click any of the above to see examples.

Ok What is the Process?

1.) Schedule a free twenty-five minute consultation to see if we can do your piece. If you don’t like it, no payment, no nothing.  If you like what you hear we select a design and move forward.

2.) We send you a prepaid shipping label with a confirmation code.  Print out the label and attach to a box, and send your material to us. 

3.) The same designer you spoke to during your consultation creates your unique item and mails it back for you to enjoy forever.

Surprisingly Affordable

We set our price at around the same cost to place an obituary in your local paper, except our memory lasts forever.