How To Get Your Own

What We Do For You.

Cut Blank from Bar Of Steel

When we say made from scratch we mean it.  The first step is taking a hacksaw to a bar of stainless steel.  This material is perfect to ensure your memory is protected for a lifetime!

Size to your specifications

After drilling the center we custom fit the ring to the size you asked for.  We want you to get the best ring that we can make since it is made specially for you. 

Carve inlay Groove

The inlay channel is also customized by you (see below) this area is the showcase for your item. Make it larger for a more showy ring or slender according to your taste.  

Set your memory

This is the part where we set the item you sent into the ring.  It is always set below the lip of the groove so that it can be sealed completely. Locking away your memory securely forever.   

Seal and polish

This is where we make your ring shine! Hundreds of layers of sealant are applied to make sure that your memory is protected.  Polishing is the last step to ensure your ring shines beautifully the moment you open it. 

This Is All You Need To Do.

Design Call

I love talking to people.  Do you need ideas for how to make it perfect, no problem, we give suggestions all the time.  While many think that personal contact is a waste of time today, we feel it is essential to get you the best ring possible. 

Ring Sizer

After our call we will ship you a box.  Just take out the ring sizer and note your preferred size on a piece of paper.  (In between sizes are fine) Place that piece of paper and the ring sizer back into the box then… 

Return Your Item

Place the item you would like inlayed into the ring in the return box as well. Please remember not to send anything valuable as the item needs to be destroyed in order to fit in the shallow groove of the ring. 

Receive your Ring

We take over from here.  Between shipping back an forth plus the creation, please allow 2 weeks to receive your ring. At the end of that time we will return your ring for you to enjoy!

Customization Options


We send you a ring sizing kit to return with your memory.  It’s an extra step but it’s essential to getting the perfect fit.  In between sizes can be accommodated 

Inlay Groove

This is simply a measure of the percent of your finger (hand to first knuckle) that the ring covers.  From left to right you have 30% – 25% – 20% – 15% – 10%.  Choose as bold or as subtle a statement as you wish!


The shoulder is how much metal frames the inlay. The ring on the far right has almost no shoulder, while the two rings on the left have the same size inlay groove and only the shoulder makes the leftmost ring larger.  

Need Ideas? See our Sample Gallery!

Pricing: Think this will cost a thousand dollars? Not Even Close.

Often custom work starts around the 1K mark but when we work directly with you we can customize a ring for quarter of that.   

$225 Includes All The Following

  • Phone Consultation
  • Shipping (all 3 packages are included)
  • Customized Ring
  • Lifetime Polishing (You pay only shipping)