Frequently Asked Questions

If I have more questions during the process will you charge me for asking them?

No we will not.  We do not start a stopwatch when you call.  If our initial call takes longer than 30 minutes, that is just fine with us.  If you have some question during the process, no worries call us anytime and we are happy to talk to you.

What kind of material can I send you?

We can make almost anything work. Common ones include: Paper, Wood, Hair, Fur, Plastic, Stone and Metal.  If you have something different in mind, let us know and we will see what we can do!

How Long does the process take?

Roughly 2 weeks from our initial call.  Much of that is time in the mail.  If you need it faster than that we can discuss the issue on our call.  Once we have your size and material there is still several days worth of work consisting of the machining, adding hundreds of layers of protective sealant as well as refining the final shape and polishing. 

Can you make multiple rings for different people with the same inlay material?

Yes, absolutely. This can be very helpful when several people want the same item, just send it to us and everyone will get the same thing.  Additionally multiple rings with the same inlay material saves a great deal of time.  This time savings we pass on to you, it will be discussed on our call when you mention an order with multiples in it.  (Please note: multiple rings is the only circumstance where we offer discounts)

Why use stainless steel?

Stainless steel is one of the most durable materials we have.  It has an excellent strength to weight ratio, is not brittle, and is highly resistant to corrosion.  Along with all of that, there are next to no allergic reactions with this metal.  Since our interest is in sealing away your memories forever we would be hard pressed to come up with a better material.

Can the ring be resized?

No it cannot.  Stainless steel jewelry can be resized but this is done by making a cut through the entire ring, prying it apart and adding material in the space.  We cannot add inlay material after it has been placed into the ring.  Any metal, even gold would have the same issue.

What is the process to make sure my measurements are correct?

Please visit our measurements page for details.  The most crucial detail is the size of the ring.  To ensure that this is correct we send you a set of sizing rings to try on.  Choose the one that feels the best and send back to us and we will fit the ring just for you.

What happens with any extra material I send you?

This material is not sent back.  Anything you send us will be almost certainly be destroyed in order to fit it into the inlay channel in the ring.  When you receive your ring we want you to be thrilled with it.  Nothing makes that harder than getting your package with the broken remains of your memory in it.  We are happy to discuss alternatives on our call but our general rule is to return only your ring. 

How much material should I send you?

We use the hand and thumb rule.  Nothing larger than your hand and nothing smaller than your thumb.  The actual material takes up very little space in the ring.  However some inlay materials are very brittle or damaged already.  Please send enough that we can get a high quality sample for the inlay.  We are happy to address any specifics of materials on the call.

What if I am conflicted about my memory?

I think it is important to remember most people are conflicted to some degree or another.  The beauty of your memories is that you control their significance.  Determine ahead of time all the good that you wish to bring forward with you and leave the bad behind.  Your story and your memories are yours alone and beautiful lessons can come out of the most difficult adversity.

What if rings aren't really my thing?

Just ask and we can send a chain along with your ring to turn it into a pendant.

What types of payment do you take?

Paypal, Credit/Debit, Cash app, or Check(include when returning your ring sizer.) 

There are never charges for speaking to us, only when you have asked us to begin work on your ring.