About Eternal Yesterday

This Pile of Stuff Started it All

I started Eternal Yesterday because of this pile of stuff you see.  This is the stuff that I received from my Grandparents passing.  Both of them always made me feel loved and important.  I really miss them.  So what do you do with some old art supplies and a collection of Gone with the Wind items. I put it in my basement and see it every now and then. It always reminds me of them.  They were great people and they deserve more than a contemplative moment in the basement every few months. I wanted to be able to bring their memory into my life when I needed them. 

Rings came into the picture because my wife couldn’t wear a wedding ring that might puncture latex gloves.  So I found a way to make something that they found acceptable.  Right around the same time is when I acquired the pile of stuff you see here.  Below is the first ring I ever made.

The First Ring I Ever Made Was For My Father

The light sections were wood from an old vineyard box owned by my great grandfather.  The black sections were taken from a name plate that sat on my grandfathers desk his whole working career.  I stained it slightly with wine made by my father and I.

This ring holds the labor of 4 generations of my family.  He doesn’t wear it all the time, but I always notice when he decides to put it on for a day. When I saw him do that I knew it worked.  I knew that having an anchor to your memories and history could mean to others what it means me. I started this because maybe it will mean the same for you too.

Please give me a call. I promise, if you trust me with your most important memory I’ll do everything I can to make sure it will last forever.